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“Ai is moving fast, I think superfunctions can be a small but foundational building block as we create our new Ai-driven world”



How it works

Create api routes that are backed by Ai prompts. For example: you want an api to get capital cities from a country name. The api could look like this:


You're in chatGPT getting good results with prompt:

What is the capital of Canada?

In superfunctions you would replace "Canada" to use the power of templating

What is the capital of {{query.country}}?

Now you have your api:

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Prompt Templating

Create prompts with template variables that are mapped to API input.


Api Accessible

Running your prompts is as simple as an api call. We can even help by autogenerating the client API code


Key Management

Secure your app by avoiding exposing your API Keys to hackers in your app/webpage. We support key rotation and monitoring or optionally BYOK (bring your own key).


Geo Caching

Avoid long waits and high costs by turning on caching. We can store the output of your AI-runs, when we receive a similar AI-run we skip the hard part.

Prompt History

View the history of your prompts so that you can undo changes or rollback to a previous version

* on roadmap


Prompt Versions

Create different versions of your prompts and call them independently

* on roadmap

Create apis from your prompts

Superfunctions is a platform to create your own Ai api. You write a prompt that returns JSON/text/html/css/code and superfunctions creates a callable API for you and your apps or websites.

By supporting "prompt templates" you can make your prompt dynamic by injecting http variables straight into the prompt.